BROADWAY RAMLILA Returns : A Stark Contrast to Recent Cinematic Mis-interpretations from October 18th to 23rd, 2024

About This Project

Amidst the grand canvas of theatrical brilliance, one production stands out as a true masterpiece. Broadway Ramlila is back in 2023, redefining the way we experience the timeless story of Lord Ram. This is not just a show; it’s an opportunity to be part of something extraordinary.

In a world where cinematic endeavours sometimes stray from tradition, there emerges a shining beacon of authenticity for the sacred narrative of Ramayana. Based on Valmiki and Tulsidas Versions of Ramayana, Broadway Ramlila presents a profound contrast to a recent cinematic release that sparked controversy for its interpretation and creative liberties, Broadway Ramlila stands as a testament to the unwavering sanctity and fidelity of Lord Ram’s story. In a time of moral challenges and shifting values, this production couldn’t be more relevant.

Ramayana, an epic that has been a cornerstone of our culture since ages, finds new life through Broadway Ramlila. Within the span of three hours, this production captures the very essence of Lord Ram‘s extraordinary life, from his divine birth to epic battles and the profound wisdom he imparted.

Imagine immersing yourself in the mythical realm of Satyug, brought to life through cutting-edge 3D stage design and a musical score featuring 18 original tracks performed by acclaimed artists such as Udit Narayan, Kailash Kher, Kumar Vishu, Jeetender Singh and more. Under the guidance of music directors Chandra Kamal & Bharat Kamal and directed by Shashidharan Nair, this show offers a captivating narrative voiced by the legendary Mukesh Khanna. With a cast of over 100 skilled actors and dancersBroadway Ramlila is a sensory extravaganza.It stands as a testament to the global appeal of Lord Ram’s timeless saga.