Stree Shakti Applauds Historic Step as Government Embraces 33% Reservation for Women in Politics as Legislation for Union Territories Advances

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As India commemorates the 30th anniversary of the landmark Reservation Bill for women, Rekha Mody, founder of Stree Shakti – The Parallel Force and editor of Quest for Roots, expressed jubilation at the government’s swift response to the demands of countless women who have tirelessly fought for their rightful representation in the political arena.

This is a historic moment, a testament to the unwavering spirit and relentless struggle of women across India,” declared Rekha Mody, whose organization, Stree Shakti, has been at the forefront of this movement for over two decades. “The government’s commitment to introducing legislation for 33% reservation in the assemblies of Jammu and Kashmir and Puducherry signifies a new era of political inclusion and marks a crucial step towards achieving gender parity in our democracy.

Mody’s dedication to empowering women transcends advocacy. Through SHE Leads, a Stree Shakti – The Parallel Force initiative, she has actively trained women for political leadership, recognizing the critical interplay between reservation and training in equipping women to effectively navigate the political landscape.