World University of Design prepares their First Green Building Professional

About This Project

Nothing is more delightful than watching one’s fledgling soar to heights. World University of Design experienced something similar as their fourth year student of School of Architecture – Ms. Ramisa Yasmin has been awarded with the title of IGBC Accredited Professional – Associate by the Indian Green Building Council of India.

The achievement added yet another feather in WUD’s hat, giving them their first certified green architect. Abiding by NEP 2020 guidelines, WUD, since its inception has employed and adopted various Sustainability Goals so as to not just help students build rewarding careers but also contribute in the making of a greener and brighter future. As part of this intent, the School of Architecture initiated an IGBC student chapter on campus encouraging undergraduates to observe sustainable ideologies, providing them with an ecosystem that intrinsically conditions their minds to think ‘green’ while building the nation and henceforth, the world.