Geeta Chandran presented ‘SAMAGATI’ by the Natya Vriksha Dance Collective on January 8th, 2024 at The Music Academy Madras

About This Project

Dancer-Choreographer Geeta Chandran presented ‘SAMAGATI’, a power-packed performance of cherished choreographies by the Natya Vriksha Dance Collective on Monday, January 8th, 2024 at TT Krishnamachari Auditorium, The Music Academy Madras, Chennai.

‘SAMAGATI’ is a Sanskrit word that means “coming together,” “union,” and “progressing together.” In her choreographies for SAMAGATI, Geeta Chandran explored these themes, as well as the four Purusharth of the Sanatana: Dharma, Artha, Kaama and Moksha.

Chennai reverberated with the unifying spirit of ‘Samagati’. In that shared rhythm, audiences felt the pulse of a planet yearning for harmony. Embellishing the show were stupendous performances delivered by Radhika Kathal, Madhura Bhrushundi, Shruta Gopalan, Sowmya Laxmi Narayanan, Anandita Narayanan and Yadavi Shakdher-Menon alongside Geeta.