Ten Artists Unite to Champion Kashmir’s Pashmina Legacy through Online Exhibition

About This Project

In a defiant dance of colour and thread, ten renowned artists breathe new life into the endangered art of Kashmiri Pashmina. Launching on December 23nd, 2023 till February 28th, 2024 “The Grand Pashmina Ehsaas,” their online exhibition.

Changing the image of the artists from the Jholadharis in the 80’s to redefining fashion today, bringing with it a sense of royalty – these eminent artists move a step forward in making a mark for the new age India. They carry the strength of tradition and culture on their shoulders as the finest artists of India light the flame to be lightened.

They bring the traditional art of Pashmina artistry to the forefront and highlight the need for the karigars and weavers to be brought to center stage. Going away from popular news when Kashmir has been in the headlines during terrorist activities, this important move of the painters emphasizes our pride in its cultural heritage and the roots of our country.

It brings into focus the Make in India ideology of our prime minister and the need for us to cater to the world, weaving the weft and warp of our historic cultural gravitas.

Luminaries like Prof. Niren SenguptaShridhar Iyer and Niladri Paul, each a titan in their domain, along with Gagan VijPriyendra ShuklaVimmi IndraSonali Durga ChaudhariAnki BhutiaDurga Kainthola and Manisha Gawade herself, converge on this digital canvas, celebrating the exquisite craftsmanship and rich heritage of Kashmiri Pashmina.